● 2” Accuracy, 1000m Reflectorless EDM
● 3.0 Inch Large and High-resolution Display
● Quick and Easy Trigger Key
● Save Time with Auto Height
● Built-in Guide Light for Stake Out

6000.00 USD 2500.00 USD
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Categories : Total Station

EDM without Reflector 1000m

▶ Long-range EDM without reflector with a short measurement interval, less than 1.3 s.

▶ Advanced collimation with a smaller laser point allows for quick and precise aiming.

Red/Yellow Guide Light

Lightweight Yet Durable Structure

The newly designed pass-through structure enables durable mechanical performance with lightweight.

Guide Light

▶ A red and yellow guide light indicator is built into the EDM as a standard feature.

▶ The guide light is highly visible, making it easy to access the correct direction line, thus improving stakeout work efficiency within a 200 m radius.

Easy-to-Read Display Unit

Touch Screen

▶ A large high-resolution 3.0-inch screen offers clear visibility in challenging conditions.

▶ The keyboard and display unit can be illuminated from both sides.

▶ One-touch star key for instant access to functions or settings.

Trigger Key

Measurement can be taken at any time by simply pressing a single button using the trigger key. You can measure and obtain the result without taking your eyes off the telescope.

Cable-Free Data Transfer

▶ The N3 is equipped with a Bluetooth® 2.1+EDR Class 2 module, offering faster and easier connection and data transfer to a PC or controller.

▶ USB port for convenient data transfer.



Point Stakeout


Distance Offset





User-Friendly Tools

▶ E-bubble for easier leveling and station setup, which automatically corrects horizontal and vertical angle readings within the ±6 ft dual-axis range.

▶ The LPDM module on the built-in laser plummet is equipped for precise instrument setup in all conditions.

Easy-to-Use Embedded System

▶ The intuitive and easy-to-use embedded system guides a smooth workflow with understandable icons.

▶ The N3 ensures low learning costs when working in the field.

Cost-Effective Choice with Versatile Program

▶ N3 offers a variety of construction and surveying application software on board, such as Resection, COGO, Height Transfer, Compensation, Stakeout, and Routes.

▶ Work faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.

Save time with automatic height measurement, automatically record and set its own height.

In the past, the operator had no choice but to measure the central height with a tape measure and manually enter it into the total station. Measurement accuracy was the responsibility of the operator with much more uncertainty.

But now, automatic height allows the operator to obtain the instrument height with a simple press.

How does it work?

Considering the space limit, an LPDM (Laser Plummet Distance Measurement) model is added on the laser plummet to provide two functions in one part with unique coaxial structure: laser plummet for equipment centering with automatic instrument height.

After receiving the light reflected by the ground, the LPDM module will automatically calculate the instrument height through its built-in PCBA board. When you activate automatic height, the result will be directly applied to the current station.

What are the benefits?

With the LPDM module integrated on the laser plummet, N3 can minimize errors and speed up the on-site setup process.

● Get instrument height with just one button press

● Save time and money with accurate measurements

● No more errors from manual operations

● No need to take additional accessory, e.g., tape measure

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